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  • ☰ Type: Questions & Answers
  • ⛊ Channeled Entities: Eldarin, Luzifer, Naju
  • ⛉ Channeled | spoken by: Yanco [yanco]
  • ₳ Translated by: Yanco [yanco]

Naju Being in the presence of the beings that are currently around you is quite...(he pauses, brief interruption)... One moment, there seems to be a disruption in the connection... Being in the presence of the entities that are currently around you, maintaining the contact is not that easy... um... there is something here that is... moving, changing... something that has an influence... hm... yes... and the signals are pausing at certain points...

We are fine-tuning it... just for a moment... please have a little patience... Better... (deep sigh) Better... Not only the mental aspect, even the technology seems to be having some difficulties finding the right level and balance.

Hello, my dear friends, it has been a while since I've been here with you. But this year, I have the great honor of being alongside the being with whom you had contact for the first time today. Hm, of course, I also had to claim this right for myself. You might possibly remember my name.

From the audience Naju.

Naju Very correct. Last time, I introduced myself to you for the first time, and as it has always been with the years, we have switched. We have switched from here to there, from there to here, from front to back, from up to down, big and small. Some of them then tried to bless you with their wisdom. Some of them were successful, while others were less successful. In any case, I also tried to do the same, hm, but differently. I didn't talk to you about Yanco, but I was that little person in your ear, that little voice in your ear, the little angel in your ear, who came so close to you and whispered to you, saying: "Don't do that!" (In a whispering tone) Or also said: "Do it!" Especially when it came to, for example, "Should I have another glass of wine now, hm?" Then I would say more like: "Yes! Go for it! Do it." And then you would say, "But if I have to drive..." and I would say, "Do it even more! Then you'll drive relaxed. And you also know what the police is good for in your country. You would have given the state a little more in financial resources if you did it." And in most cases, you didn't do it. But however, the advice that comes from entities from the other side is not always the best advice. You might have noticed that already. Some you can relate to, while others you cannot.

I will try to answer your questions, but I am actually not the main question-answering machine today. I am more like the mediator; I am the nice lady from the office. I will try to raise my voice a bit for you so that I sound more feminine (in a higher-pitched voice), but I believe it works very poorly. So, I will do my best to connect you with the entities you want to contact and who, as you say, feel called to answer your questions. Unfortunately, no one feels called. So, assume that you will not be able to connect with anyone else except for the being that already knew it was meant to be because you chose it. But let's leave these complexities aside. Now, if you have any questions, I am happy to receive them and say something about them or pass them on to those who have something to say. But if you don't have any questions - that's okay too.

Question/Comment 1:

A KEYSHA I don't have a question, I want to make a comment about earlier. It has often happened to me that something inside me was moving, but I couldn't express it precisely, it wasn't fully conscious to me, and then during the channeling, exactly what I was feeling inside was expressed. That's how it was before. It may sound a bit harsh, but it's not meant that way. I always thought, these old boring angelic realms, we know them well enough. Nothing against the angelic realms, I'm putting all my effort into ensuring that these realms not only avoid war but also have harmony, peace, and joy. But that's not the goal, damn it. The goal is what was addressed today, in the future figure, form, whatever you want to call it, the being of this Yanco. It resonated with me so deeply, what fills me with incredible joy is the realization that my own exists too! And I didn't know that before.

Naju Hm hm, even though I am not that being, maybe one day I will become it as well. But even if I am not that... although I am not currently that being and cannot recognize it, I can still say with a fair amount of certainty that each of you is already connected to a being that, hm, corresponds to that being. By the way, the name of that being is Toya. We have been "involved with each other" in quotation marks for quite some time, especially those of you who have coexisted with me on another world.

But... well, you must know that this being has been with you essentially throughout the past year, and while it is the future being of what Yanco is now – oh God, it's getting complicated now – you are also simultaneously connected to the being that you will become in the future.

And the words you just spoke, dear friend, those words – one could also say dear comrade or dear companion, fellow fighter and comrade – those, specifically those things you just said, are not only the expression of your current being but also exist within you because your future being is already looking forward to its birth within you. The enthusiasm that arises within you when you make contact with such a being, when you embrace such an understanding, is actually connected to what you will eventually become in your current consciousness.

I know it sounds crazy, and it is.

In response to an unintelligible remark from the audience:

Naju You mean the part in the middle where the... (Laughter from an audience member can be heard)... well, I could do that, but I won't. For those who want it repeated, I want to point out that we have a wonderful person who puts all these things, the nonsense I spout, on the website, written down, and everything is also recorded. Now, does anyone else have a question or a comment?

Question 2:

Questioner Hello, I have a question regarding the aspect of the so-called telegony. Anastasia describes it in one of her books, and it goes like this: The first partner in a person's life leaves such a strong energetic imprint that all the other partners one has throughout life contribute to the child to some extent, but ultimately, a very high aspect of the first partner is always present during the birth of the child. Unless a special ceremony is performed; building a bed in the forest, and so on, I don't want to elaborate on that. There must be another way to erase this initial energetic imprint. How can it be done, are there other possibilities apart from what Anastasia describes?

Naju Who do you want to ask that?

Questioner Lucifer.

Naju Hmhmhm.

Questioner Or Abra. No, Lucifer... Lucifer.

Lucifer Well, since you have chosen me, you will get the classic Luciferian answer (laughs 'Luciferianly'; some people in the audience also laugh), which is: Why do you want to change it?

Questioner I would like to erase it, Renate wants to as well, we have both discussed that, so that the child, which we have already talked about, which is already floating around in the spiritual realm around us, can have the best foundation there.

Lucifer Well, there is one thing to say about that, and it is quite simple: You cannot erase anything. There is no way to erase anything. There is only the possibility to transform things. You do that by giving things a different value than what you have seen as their value up until this point. For example, someone who died in a Nazi bunker under horrifying circumstances (puts a shudder in his voice) and had terrible experiences cannot erase that; it happened; it is in the consciousness of that being and will continue to be so. But it can be given a different value. One can give it the value of saying: This experience has led me to say that such a thing should never be allowed again, never. That it is excluded for any further existence I may have any connection to. This different value would then be something good.

You could say, this way you're getting an answer from Mephistopheles, because: I am a part of that power that always wants evil and yet creates good. You see, everything that you perceive as negative or that could happen to the child and be negative would be nothing more than a lobotomy if you were to erase it. You would destroy the experiences of this being that it needs to be what it is. The best thing you can do, therefore, is quite simple: give the child a positive understanding of the experiences and everything that has happened, and show it that it is a creator who can make the best out of them. You cannot erase anything. I will not answer you any further.

Question 3:

QuestionerAre we still connected to Lucifer?

Lucifer If you wish.

Questioner Yes. Lucifer: If you wish.

Questioner (somewhat hesitantly) I... I... yes. I have another question for Lucifer regarding our desire to have a child. Recently, I spoke with an acquaintance, Andreas..., who said, or Renate also mentioned, that I am still blocked. We have been working on our desire to have a child for three years, and I feel that I am no longer blocked. I have a question for Lucifer about what he sees. Lucifer: Hmhmhm (laughs). Oh, how blocked you are, my friend. And not just you; both of you are quite blocked, unfortunately. But the "unfortunately" is not appropriate here, as it's not really an "unfortunate" thing. You said - and what was behind it, which was very interesting when you expressed it - you said that you are working on your desire to have a child.

You cannot work for a child. You can wish for a child and receive it as a gift. You see, you misunderstand something. When you have a child, it is not your decision. The main part of the decision lies with the child. And that child will choose to come to you when you become more relaxed, when you let go. Because if the child comes to parents who have to work for their existence, then you have already drawn the short end of the stick from the very beginning.

No child or conscious being has any interest in that at the moment. Not even a billy goat! Regardless, regardless of what you should be and what you should do, hm, let's say something mean - hm: Give up hope. Forget it. You will have a child when that child has decided to come to you and embrace a life.

Imagine it the other way around: Imagine you were on the other side, a purely energetic being, and you would realize, hm, there are so many beings in the world who would be willing to provide me with a body to live a life. And now you have to consider: Which one would I choose to go to? What would you say?

Would you go to a family or parents who simply love each other, who have fun together, who give you a glimpse of a life that is simply awesome, or would you go to those who struggle and work hard, oh, we must have a child now. What would be your choice? Hm. That is the problem. But a child will come to you when you are simply ready to accept a gift. Thank you for your question.

Question 4:

Questioner I have a question about that. Is Lucifer still here?

Lucifer Hm. Yes, if you want.

Questioner Very well. How is it that I have the feeling, for example, of coming to parents where I feel like I arrived wrong. I was not... well, I was pushed down.

Lucifer Hm, you all have that feeling. (There is restrained laughter). Those who are around you and who are starting to laugh feel caught as well. They feel the same way as you do. Most of you have the feeling that you were pushed down here, that you didn't actually want to come here. But you're wrong! You're wrong! And do you know why you're wrong? Because you think the other side is so much better than this side.

You believe you were banished from a paradise and then brought into this world. But that's not the case! Where you were before, it was much worse. It was much more unpleasant. You were oppressed, you didn't have the freedom to be who you are. In the angel realms, no one has the freedom to be who they are or want to be. In the angel realms, there are connections that force you to be a certain way. And essentially, the houses determine who you are and what you can do.

Only when the desire has grown beyond that, only then do you come into this world. And then you start to explore what it is that you want. That's exactly what you're doing now. You come to this fairground, to this grand festival of many, many millions of different ideas; ideas primarily from people who ask themselves: Who am I myself; what do I want, what do I want to achieve, and who do I want to be? What do I want to discover about myself? What could I do, what could I become?

All of these questions are crucial and play an important role in the experience you have here in this world. And you come to a family where you initially believe it's the best fit, that you fit in there. You see, your ancestors have dealt with certain issues. Some of these issues they resolved, and some they did not. Some of these issues were war. For example, you came here after a war. Why? Because the issue of war was still present, but now the question was, how do I create peace?

You all wanted to create peace! If you had come here during a war, that would not have been possible. But now you have the opportunity not only to create peace but also to maintain it. The most important question for you is how to have and live with the conflicts that exist in the world, to discover something about yourself, but at the same time be true to yourself without having to engage in war.

You have all done that. You did not come here by mistake, on the contrary. You came here to improve; and not just to improve the world - although that also happens, as you have nothing better to do, right? - well, primarily you came here to improve yourselves; to find, unfold, and preserve the noblest and most wonderful aspects within your own minds.

When you came here, you were convinced that this is the best place to do that. And in fact, you still hold that conviction. If you simply look deep within yourself, you will realize that in the situation you are in right now, you are exactly where you need to be to continue your growth.

You are at your current level, and you meet yourself where you stand. That means nothing other than: you are here to grow and unfold. You came to these parents and this family because when you were born, you believed that you would best cope with the family's issues and your own issues, and that you would unfold and deal with them effectively.

So you have become what you are today. It always has to fit together somehow. You don't just randomly end up somewhere - oh, you accidentally got hit by a bus... it's not like that; and in the battle between bus and person, the outcome usually favors the bus. But it's not like that. You always intentionally went to the bus stop. That was what you could see until then.

Perhaps now you decide for a different or later life, and then you say, "No, I would rather have it in a way that I can do this or that; or that I'm not even a human anymore; or whatever." But all of this is a decision you make for good reasons, and you don't just accidentally fall into it or get pushed into it. That couldn't happen; no one could do that! Thank you for your question.

Question 5:

Questioner So, I have a question for Lucifer, and it is asked by two KEYSHA who couldn't get through on the website. The question for Lucifer is: What influence does human behavior and human concepts have on the spiritual beings that are considered the initiators or founders of the ideas underlying this behavior? For example, you, Lucifer, are seen as the adversary of God, fought against, rejected, considered evil, and on the other hand, worshipped by Satanists.

Jeshua conveyed a message of love and dignity for all people. Great things arose from it, but at the same time, wars were fought and people were mistreated and tortured in his name. The same applies to Mohammed and Michael, and so on. Does this human behavior, practiced in your name or in opposition to you, have an influence on you in the spiritual world, specifically on you, Lucifer, or does it not matter to you? If it does have an influence, what kind? By the way, dear Lucifer, we simply love you.

Lucifer Hm. Hm. Whether it has an influence on our world - the answer is simple: Yes. But you have it the wrong way around in most cases. You think that what you do here has a great influence on the realms in which I exist. It does have an influence, but only in a certain way. Actually, it happens the other way around. The ideas you have here in this world - from me, about me, through channeling, through other entities, through all these things - are ideas that you believe come from this world. That is not the case.

You are playing out the ideas that were already established in the realms, in these angelic realms, so to speak. You must know that you are the continuation or the execution of the story. The scripts have already been written; they were written when you were energetic beings on the other side, when you were angelic beings. Now you are trying to find out where it leads. You are trying to find out what happens when you play out this idea.

For example, someone came up with the idea of creating peace. This idea of creating peace was already established in the energetic realms, it was tried there. But you can't do it very concretely there. That's why this being incarnates into this world with this intention and tries to see if it works; if it works with other people, especially with beings or humans who have a completely different opinion and have had completely different experiences.

So, yes, there is a certain influence. But in most cases, this influence arises from the experience you have with your ideas. When you have played something out, you gain some experience from it: Did it work or did it not work? And this experience you gain, in turn, influences what you decide next time or what is decided by larger groups on our side as recorded experience.

This means that what you do here and what you create, the experiences you have with it, has a great influence. But the idea of bringing something into this world and living it is usually already created on the other side, where I exist and where the non-incarnated beings exist. Therefore, yes and no; there is an influence, but not the kind of influence you mean. And the greater influence occurs from our side to your side, not from your side to our side. Thank you for your question.

Question 6:

Questioner So, Lucifer, you say that the spiritual world from your side has an influence on our existence here, or can plan it. Does that mean that the spiritual world can see the future, that it can determine what happens here in our world?

Lucifer No. What the spiritual world does... you call it the spiritual world. It is not the spiritual world. You are it. You are actually the spiritual world when you are on the other side, and even now, you are the spiritual world. It's just not clear to you.

Questioner I'm asking you because I wanted to test you... (Loud laughter from the audience)

Lucifer Only in the form of the spiritual world... That's what you already wanted with your first question, but it doesn't matter to me... You are the spiritual world that decides: I want to try something in the next life that I could lead here. That means, before your life, you do have an influence, a very direct influence on your life, and sometimes you also do it in your dreams. You go back to a spiritual state and have an influence again on the life you are currently leading.

But actually, it is so that you are not influenced, as you just imagined, by the spiritual world, that some stranger comes to you and says, 'You have to do this and that...'; I only do that occasionally, at least if I want to live up to my reputation, but otherwise not really. The crucial question is always: Whom do you listen to? Whom do you believe? And that raises the question:

What do you have in your mind? What did you want to try when you came here? What are you dreaming now that influences your life? No, you don't have to answer it for me right now, not answer it now, but you will answer it again, sometime, when I visit you again at night.

Question 7:

Questioner Then I have a question, because we're talking about dreams now: Sometimes I dream things that then happen in my future. Sometimes very detailed and clear. I don't even think about wanting to do that yet. Am I moving forward on the timeline or is it just a plan of mine? Sometimes it's like that, then I experience things and think, 'Oh, I dreamt that earlier.' What am I doing there? Am I moving along the timeline?

Lucifer Hm. There is no such thing as a timeline. That is your concept, your human concept of time; but actually, there is no such thing as a timeline. But if we stick to the concept of the timeline, then I would formulate it like this: In your dreams, you always play out to a certain degree what happens later in your life. That means, everything that you live materially in your life, you have dreamt it before.

You didn't just dream it in a way you would normally imagine, but you also dreamt every other possibility of what you consider possible in the future. So, one could say that when you look into a future, into any kind of future, it has already been there in your dreams. Because there you have prepared for the experience, so to speak. And

then it could be that you also want to experience this future in the so-called material reality. This is how déjà-vus work, by the way. They work in this way: You remember what you dreamt before, and in that moment, this connection is formed again, where you realize, ah, this is exactly what I had in my dream and what is now being presented in this reality. By the way, if all dreams were to become reality exactly as you dreamt them, you would continuously have déjà-vus.

Everything in your world would feel like it has already happened. But since it is a preliminary stage, the dream is a preliminary stage of what could possibly be, you come here and experience so many differences that you don't directly connect them. Only when it suddenly runs exactly in sync, then you experience a déjà-vu.

Questioner Thank you.

Lucifer Thank you.

Question 8:

Questioner: Is there a way to make contact with the inhabitants of Telos or somehow get there, to establish a connection with the old Lemuria, with that energy or with the information, in order to learn from it?

Lucifer For you, no! For them, yes!

Questioner For whom, again?

Lucifer For your partner.

Questioner Okay.

Lucifer But once again, I have to ask you the question: What do you want there?

Questioner Tourism. (Some listeners laugh) Tourism, because it interests me, for... entertainment. That's why I'm here.

Lucifer Currently closed for tourism.

Questioner Okay. (laughs)

Lucifer Nature reserve.

Questioner And... okay, my partner is more knowledgeable about it. I know that in Telos...

Lucifer No, you're completely mistaken there. Your partner is in no way, in any way, more knowledgeable than you.

Questioner Oh, I see.

Lucifer Your partner is just in a different place. Telos is not exactly the best example for your... (unintelligible)... You're interested in it precisely because of its extreme exoticism and foreignness. But there are certainly other places you can visit, which are more familiar to you, where your partner would have the greatest difficulty following you. She is not more knowledgeable. And that applies to all of you; don't believe that you are in any way more or less knowledgeable.

Everything you do, hm... you move yourself... you move yourself along your path, you develop yourself, and in that, one cannot be more advanced than anyone else. No one can be further along the development path you are on than you. It is your path; that's why it is impossible. No one can be more themselves than you can be. That possibility does not exist. Therefore, there is no one who is more advanced.

Even I am not more advanced than you. I am Lucifer, perhaps the oldest in your concept, but I am not more advanced than you. I am on my path, in my consciousness, in my existence. That does not mean I am further, better, or anything else. So, I want to get that out of your minds from the start. If you absolutely want to kneel... But don't ask me to give you lottery numbers or any such nonsense.

But let's get back to your question.

Questioner It is already answered.

Lucifer I knew that! Thank you.

Question 9:

Questioner Yes, so much has been said about Lucifer, and it has raised another question for me: Lucifer is often referred to as the fallen angel, and how does Lucifer see himself in this state of fallenness? It is said that the fallen state is actually not a falling away, in the sense of separation from God, but just an experience. Does Lucifer see himself in the same way?

Lucifer Are you addressing me directly now, or are you speaking to someone imaginary standing here in the room?

Questioner Yes, I don't know... Someone who can answer the question best should respond to me.

Lucifer Guess, take a guess. Who do you think could answer this question specifically and particularly well?

Questioner Yes, Lucifer himself.

Lucifer Good. Then I will try to do that at this point. I have fallen in many wars. One can call me a fallen angel. And I could also do you the favor of simply calling myself a fallen angel. What you mean by a fallen angel, I am not and have never been, nor did I ever want to be. Now, if you want to know if I turned away from God, the answer to that is: Yes! Just like you, exactly like you.

You became human, thereby turning away from God, didn't you? You would have been better off staying an angel. Stupid action, the whole thing. But well, alright. We all make mistakes, as is well known. Not me - maybe you... Actually, not even you, and none of us, fundamentally. But my main intention is not to confuse you with that; I want to make it clear to you that the idea of there being fallen angels or unfallen angels has been an idea propagated by human individuals and entities in the world.

Now, the biggest problem, or one of the biggest problems, that all of you have in the world is the following: If any idea is to spread as widely as possible, it must be the lowest common denominator. This means that the most primitive and foolish answer is always the one that most people choose. The same applies to churches. They have chosen the simplest answer. They have turned Lucifer, the bringer of light – lux, lucis, the bringer of light – into the evil one because it seemed easiest to explain their existence to the people.

Dividing the world into good and evil makes it very easy to explain what one should and should not do, right? If there is a clear black and a clear white, then the day has structure. And if you need... if you need someone to take responsibility for all the crap you have created, and then invent a devil who turned away from God, from all that is good, then the day also has structure.

And whether this being actually exists is irrelevant; they simply found a scapegoat. You see, what I did, yes, was that I turned away from the light. That's what I did, and I went into the darkness. I didn't do it because I didn't love God, because I didn't love you. I didn't do it because I wanted to get away from what we once called home, because I no longer wanted to see my siblings or because you annoyed me.

Therefore, all of you have gone into darkness, all of you. But you will find it. To be honest, I believe only a few of you. Many of you delude yourselves. Many of you believe in utter nonsense, in things that you have been told, which are all incorrect. And above all, you believe in something that is utter nonsense. You believe that you are small and insignificant.

That is the biggest lie of all. Embarrassing, for beings like you (with a moved voice). I don't believe in it. That's why I don't believe much of what you have given of yourselves. But it's also no wonder; even in the realms of angels, there are exactly these themes, exactly these notions, exactly the same thoughts, the feelings, and exactly these backgrounds. Games from which I have long withdrawn. So yes, I am a fallen angel... so what? And so are you.

And everyone should be one, at least for a while and become one. They should turn away from the source and find their own source, and then return. Perhaps then you would be the prodigal son. But you would still be you. Thank you for your question.

Question 10:

Questioner I am not well informed enough to know if you have found the light again. Are you... how are you?

Lucifer Hmhmhm, wow, that's actually a really beautiful new question. Thank you for that – and I am doing excellent. Yes, I have found the light. In fact, I have found much more than the light, so much more. I have found all of you. I have found something that goes beyond light. And I have been one of the few entities who has had the chance to embark on a journey with your friend Thor to find that which surpasses everything.

To find something that is even greater than God was when He created you, when you created yourselves. Yes, I am doing well. Much better than I could have imagined. I am doing much better than any of you can imagine. Yes, I have also been waiting for that; for a certain period of time, I have been waiting for God to eventually come and give me a thumbs down, to push me down and say, 'You have dared a lot'.

But God has never done that. It was the siblings who fought against me; it was Michael and Raphael and Uriel who fought against me. All the other entities who didn't understand what I had done; who are just now starting to understand it, now that they have seen a light for the first time that has never been on the horizon before, a light that you are spreading. A light that beings, who are also fallen angels, whom everyone thought were demons, are spreading.

In the eyes of these entities, you have always been demons; you have been the ones who went to hell, who supported Lucifer. Well, you did – but at least it was always nice and warm. But now they see that you are not that; now they see that you are not the darkness. You are light. You are even a brighter light than what you know as the light of the archangels. You are a light that surpasses the boundaries of what we call the realms of angels.

You are beings that are greater and more than what has ever been before. You have stepped out of the history in which all of you existed, initially. Yes, I am doing well. I am doing much better than you can imagine – much better. I don't know, I have even taken this audacious leap to consider whether one day I will return to this world to encounter you again in human form. But if I were to go to the Pope for an audience and say, 'Good day, I am Lucifer,' that could lead to difficulties.

Questioner You don't have to do that under any circumstances.

Lucifer I thank you for that. But I don't need your permission. (Loud laughter breaks out in the background) Nonetheless, I am pleased that you give it to me. Well, I thank you for the question about my well-being because, in fact, I rarely hear this question, as many of us rarely hear it. By asking, you acknowledge that we are entities that live, that exist, that have experiences, and that change, yes.

And I have joined this community because it goes far beyond the history you spoke of. All that has been told to you about me, about God, about the universe, about existence, are the concepts of those who have told you. They imagine it that way, and they are unable to go beyond it with their consciousness. You are it. That is why I come to you, not to anyone else. I don't go to Satanists.

They can celebrate as many black masses as they want and set up fifty candles, but it doesn't bring me any closer to hell. I don't feel close to any of that. Most things reported about them are utter nonsense and have nothing to do with me. I am not the inversion of Christianity. I am me. I am simply a being who walks its path. Perhaps I am the first being that was born, at least known to have originated.

But that doesn't mean I am not myself and don't walk my path. And you, you are asking me to do that. That's why I am here. What else would you like to know?

Question 11:

Questioner (laughs, accompanied by loud laughter in the background) Thank you, when I have the opportunity, I use it. Are you and the others able to connect with beings from other realms, let's say, the southern hemisphere? I have this feeling that the figures Michael, Raphael, Uriel are specifically part of our cultural sphere. Does that mean you are located up here and the others are located down in the south...

Lucifer Those are just your names for us. But we are present all over the world as well. We were present in Atlantis through the temples of that time. But that story would go too far. But you are right. No, we are not Christian entities, we are not Jewish entities. We do not belong to this cultural sphere; we belong to all cultural spheres in this world. It's just that we have different names there and are associated with different stories.

That's why I often say 'I am the First.' Lucifer is your name for me – no, that's not true. Actually, your name for me is Lu...! (a tone of mockery in the voice. Some listeners react with laughter in the background.)

Question 12:

Questioner Yes, then I would like to ask another question because we are currently talking about light, about Lucifer. What causes the radiance of KEYSHA? You mentioned it before: Because you go beyond everything – or how should I imagine that or how can I imagine it?

Lucifer Huh. That is also a good question, and it is much harder to answer than you suspected in your question. Well, I'll try, but I think Toya would be able to answer it much better for you. KEYSHA refers to entities that do not move within the realm of radiance. You are not beings that radiate. That is our interpretation of what is within you. With it, we describe something extraordinary, something particularly powerful.

However, these radiations that we describe are only perceptible to entities like me or Thor who have made contact with you and have learned from you. They are not perceptible to entities that, for example, generally exist in the angelic realms; they are also not perceptible to most humans. That means to many, you will appear completely normal, or to put it another way, for most, you would not even exist; at least, not what KEYSHA is within you.

This is even true for yourselves. Some of you believe that you have nothing to do with quartinity because quartinity is not perceptible to your human being. Only for your KEYSHA being, which you also are, is quartinity perceptible. That means that in your reality, you only notice the effects, not what actually happens behind them. It's a bit like gravity. Gravity is something that acts everywhere in the world, and it is undoubtedly an incredibly powerful force.

But you only notice it because it keeps you on the ground and things fall downwards. If nothing is falling downward, and you may be lying in bed or sleeping or something, you don't realize that it is gravity, but it is still there all the time. It's the same with your radiance. Beings that would come here – some would not perceive you; they would not see you; you would be gone.

But the part of KEYSHA being that is within you suddenly becomes peculiar when they reach the event horizon, where things are moved that should not happen there if everything were going as it should. And that's how we perceive you, in a halo of radiance. But most of us, I think, perceive you more like a dark nothingness, like something resembling a black hole, or more precisely, they only suspect that something is there because a lot is moving and happening around that spot.

They can't say why this happens, though. But there are a few of us who have made contact with you; they can also perceive the light. No, not the light, but they can perceive something that you radiate; it is something that goes beyond love. I know that you humans can perceive when you radiate love, but KEYSHA radiates something that goes beyond love. And we might call perceiving this as light.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you more about it. I think there are better explanations if you ask others. Thank you very much for your question.

Now, since today I am the Chief Question Answerer, I will answer one more question. And then I will send you into the darkness (with a creepy distorted voice).

Question 13:

Questioner That's lucky for me. I actually have another personal question for you. You listened to the channeling today, and for us, or specifically for me, what was said is worse than a carrot in front of a donkey's head. That means it draws me there. I feel it's my path, no matter how many years or... it doesn't matter. And this path also makes me totally happy; it fulfills me completely. How do you feel about it, for example, this channeling or Yanco's future that was described there, how is that for you personally?

Luzifer Just like for you!

Questioner Oh, I find that even better!

Luzifer: Really, I mean it seriously. Like for many of you. When I left, many thousand years ago, when I left and left all of you behind and became what you just referred to as a fallen angel, when I left, I had a purpose in mind. I wanted to recognize my light; I wanted to be myself; I didn't want to be one of many, I wanted to be me and I wanted to become divine. This desire has been there since I have existed; it has never changed.

It presented itself differently, sometimes it was expressed, sometimes it was only felt; sometimes it was more, sometimes it was less. But this desire was always there, throughout all the existences I have ever lived and experienced. And what you describe is what it was all about for me; from the very beginning, from the moment I was born. He said it, I heard it. He said, "You are all alone now." But he is no longer alone.

You see, I know what he means. I know, I remember the time when we fought wars, I remember the darkness, I remember the loneliness. I was there, just like each of you. And all along, it was my goal to achieve that. Why do I come here? Ha, because I achieve it here. It is the same for me as it is for you. It is the goal of everything I have ever started; it is the goal of my entire being.

And I am glad that I have never been proven wrong with the sentence I coined in this community. To know that everything will be fine. I believe in it. There are only a few entities in the universe that I trust and believe in. Toya is one of the entities that I trust completely, and who clearly states what is happening and what will be. And believe it or not, in the future, I will be one of you.

As close as I am to you now and already one of you, but then there will be no more boundaries between us. Hm, thank you for your question, and yes, I feel the same way as you, it's the same for me. And I know that there are some who still cannot understand what we are talking about. But you will understand it too, hm. That will be fun.

Naju: So, now I have the opportunity to say goodbye as the last one among you, and now we are coming to the end of the official part of this evening. I am very happy to have been the moderator here today. We will meet on the same wavelength, at the same place, definitely next month. I would be delighted if all of you present would return at that time, and then we will also be able to introduce new sensations and entities to this place.

We look forward to Abra next time, and of course, to several others, including myself. And of course, if you want to take over the moderation at one point or another, we would also be delighted about that. But of course, we want to maintain the point where we can provide you with further information and messages about the events on the other side and this side (Naju speaks quickly and without punctuation, and sporadic laughter can be heard from the audience).
Since I have been told that we will be kicked out soon, I will also maintain a certain pace. If I speak even faster now, we will run into problems. Therefore, I will simply say at this point; Thank you for being here today, and see you soon (Applause and laughter can be heard in the background).

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