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The world seems very fixed to many. It seems to be based on natural laws that are immutable. It seems that all things that happen are preordained and everything we experience is just the continuation of what happened before our time. We humans, too, seem to belong as tiny cogs in this clockwork. In such a system, even if we believe it, we never have a choice to decide anything. Even if we choose, we would only ever choose what is preordained.

The question of free will has occupied philosophy and religion for thousands of years. For example, if a criminal commits a murder, would he actually be responsible for his act, or is the responsibility more likely to lie with the circumstances that led to the act? Is it then actually possible to punish him with a clear conscience when he is actually not responsible for the crime, but only carried out what was predetermined?

One can see here that the notion that we are all, like a cog in a clockwork, basically by the world, determined by others, can lead to significant consequences if one believes in it.

We answer this question in a very unusual way: the world is fixed when we define it that way.


We are currently human beings existing on earth. However, that is by far not all we are.

We are energy beings, intelligences, extraterrestrials, gods, ancestors and descendants, teachers, students, life force, law and nature... everything we experience and dream about and much more.

As humans, we have chosen to focus on being human. As KEYSHA, however, we focus on our being creators.

Yes, we are many things, but above all else we are one thing: creators.

We create the world we exist in. We design our experiences down to the smallest detail. We decide whether we are doing well or badly.

We do not blame anyone else for what has happened, is happening, or will happen to us. We understand that we have made it our own to be the person, the being, that we are today. We have created our circumstances, sometimes even before our current life, as they are now.

We have control over our existence. We can decide at any time that we want to change something or just leave it as it is. And that influence goes far beyond anything we can currently imagine.

Especially as people on this earth, we can learn to understand that our creative powers are also effective when we believe we are trapped in a world of rules and laws. Especially when we are ill, for example, this is an opportunity to experience first-hand how enormous and powerful our creative power actually is, even if everything seems to speak against it.

We KEYSHA prefer to see ourselves as creators, because only if we do that can we set up our existence the way we want it to be. we can do something No one else but ourselves decides whether we live in paradise or in hell. We decide for ourselves!


So we set off to experience how life is lived as a creator. We explore how we think, feel and act as KEYSHA, what we decide and who we really want to be. We go in search of what brings us real joy and what gives us deep pleasure. We learn to use and develop our creative powers with ease and joy. We no longer ask ourselves who we are, but who we want to be.

We decide all this for ourselves. Therefore it is up to our own discretion to be KEYSHA or not. We are KEYSHA when we identify with being KEYSHA.


Most of us have decided to remain human, despite the tremendous opportunities that open up for us as KEYSHA. We are in this world because we want to continue to experience it. But now under different circumstances. Nevertheless, for many of us it is always a challenge to live in this world and still understand that this is all our own creation and that we could decide differently at any time.

We meet every month to keep reminding ourselves of this and to give each other new ideas that give us courage and help us to develop our creative powers. We exchange ideas and enjoy the wonderful energy of other KEYSHA, with whom we can finally talk about everything that really moves us.

Beings who are not embodied as human beings on this earth also belong to our group. They are always with us and use the possibilities of channeling to get in touch with us. It is precisely their unique view of the world that teaches us not to always think like a human being and not to walk through life with typically earthly blinders on.

Our nont incarnate friends

Over time we have come to know and befriend a variety of different non-embodied entities. They have taught us a lot of things and shared their perspective on our world in many channeling sessions. Certain beings were always particularly active at certain times. Currently we are mostly connected to Toya . But we were also connected to "Your voice", Abra, Amael, Aryõlle, Darius, Eldarin, Gabriel, Gaia, Isoor, Jeshua, Judas, Kentaro, KEYSHA, Luzifer, Madshu, Marie, Metatron, Michael, Naju, New Energy Team [NINET], Raphael, Siddhartha, The universe, Thor, Tobias and Yanco .

Everyone is welcome to contact all beings with whom we have been in contact up to now. One way to do that would be to email them here. We have set up an email address for each of these beings on our website. The system is configured in such a way that the email dissolves in the depths of the energetic space when it is sent. Nevertheless, the e-mail does of course reach the beings.


There are many KEYSHA connected to us and with us today. They support us energetically, financially, actively, etc. in many ways. Some of them make sure that everything runs and works. You can reach us all at any time via email.

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