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You are currently viewing the English version of our website. Everything is gradually translated from German into English. However, there is always much more to see on the German website.

On this website, you will find hundreds of answers to the most significant questions of mankind. They stem from the treasure trove of experience, knowledge, and immense wisdom of beings that currently do not exist materially in our physical world.

We pass on their messages with the help of the channel Yanco to you and all people whom we can bring joy and happiness.

For this purpose, we meet at least once a month in a public setting, usually in a restaurant in the vicinity of Cologne. Then, the physically unembodied entities speak to us and also answer our questions.

The knowledge and understanding of our non-physical friends are so extensive that it is impossible to convey all this in a few hours a month. They therefore offer seminars on various topics in conjunction with Yanco.

You will get an overview and all important data about our activities if you check our dates in our calendar. We are looking forward to your participation in an event.

In addition, all the messages are written down for later reading. Some examples are publicly available. If you want to have access to all the texts, you have to register first (free of charge) here on the website.

On YouTube, you will also find a whole series of videos with and about us. You can watch excerpts from Yanco's seminars, interviews with him and with other KEYSHA there.

Apart from our own creations, we have also collected other recommended videos, texts, websites, etc. It's worth taking a look. Please register first and log in.

There are still plenty of things to see. Contact us if you have questions, suggestions, or criticism, or if you simply would like to get in touch with us.

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