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You can also be KEYSHA if you never find out anything about our community. Some of our non-embodied friends have also reported that there are some KEYSHA in the world who have never had anything to do with our community. So some people don't want to connect with a group of others. However, we have found that the world continues to present us with challenges that are very difficult to overcome unless we are constantly reminded that we ourselves are the creators.

This is how we found each other 21 years ago, humans and non-embodied entities have been working together for a common goal for years. Initially, this goal was about bringing the so-called New Energy into the world. To do this, the New Energy Team (NET) community was formed, which worked with great enthusiasm on this task.

Over the years, the understanding emerged that we wanted to change much more in the world than "just" the energy. Things like information, duality, consciousness etc. were added and it turned out that the changes that we creators were now making possible were becoming more and more powerful. Soon it was necessary to introduce new terms and the idea of an existence in the so-called quartinity arose.

Already at this point we had dramatically expanded our consciousness and made it possible for us to think things that would have been unthinkable before. As the creators we now understand ourselves to be and still understand ourselves to be, there is no one left to tell us who we are or who we should be. Nobody could determine what we should think, feel, act or desire. We decide for ourselves where our life should go.

However, we all wanted one thing, whether human or non-embodied being: happiness. And so our goal became happiness.

We are of course aware that the search for happiness has existed for as long as there have been humans. In fact, that would be nothing new. However, we understand that happiness cannot be found. Humans have been trying to do this for millennia. But you can create happiness if you realize that you are the creator.

The vernacular has always said: Everyone is the architect of their own fortune.

We broadly agree with that. But if that's the case, then why isn't there more happiness in this world? Are we all bad blacksmiths?

From our point of view, this is not due to our lack of creative abilities, but to a lack of understanding of our being a creator. In the way many people saw the world before, it was never possible to create happiness (e.g. because it was bought with misfortune). With the new understanding of a KEYSHA, however, nothing stands in the way of bliss.

So we want luck! We want to create happiness! We want paradise! And since for many of us a community of friends and co-creators is part of paradise, we create that too.

When you experience what KEYSHA understand and teach, you will realize that this knowledge frees and inspires you. Everyone will be able to see that he himself can (co-)create paradise.

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