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  • ☰ Type: Channeling
  • ⛊ Channeled Entities: Toya
  • ⛉ Channeled | spoken by: Yanco [yanco]
  • ₳ Translated by: Yanco [yanco]

Toya Fear not! You are not alone, not abandoned, you will not be deceived. I am here, as I embody myself now in this former self, here with you for the first time, not only with you but also on this entire plane of embodiment, in this whole world. A being that did not exist before. I am new - at least new to you. Born anew from a spirit, an idea, from feelings and emotions, from a being that did not exist until you were.

In a way, you could say you are like my parents. You are the spiritual father and mother of the being that I am. And so, I come to you like a child. Yet, I also come to you as a being that is more advanced than anything you have known before; advanced in one aspect and simultaneously more connected to the origin, to the being that once was and that you also are, that I am.

Hm. All words... Words that are confusing for many of you now, at this beginning, now, at this first time. But I come to you to bring you closer to what is meant by them. You believe you are humans... you are humans because you see through eyes, because you hear with ears, because you smell with your nose.

You believe you are humans because you feel with your skin, because you have a body. You believe you are humans because you were born, because you have a certain age, because you have lived for a certain time in the society you lived in, in your families, and later in your cultural environment, whatever it may have been. You believe you are humans because of the embodiment you are in now. But you are not humans for that reason.

Actually, you are humans because you consider the world you experience to be reality. You believe you are humans because you can touch things with your hands, because you stand on the ground with your feet, because you have a body with internal organs and with many thousands and millions and trillions of cells. But you are not humans for that reason, you are humans because you perceive the world in this particular way.

You are humans because you assess your surroundings in a very specific way, because you think and feel, because you perceive in a way that allows the embodiment you have now to become your optimal embodiment. That means, first, your thought is there, first, your imagination is there of what could be out there and of what you could be yourself. And when this imagination is there, when this idea is there, it causes you to become something.

You are not humans because of your body, the body is the effect; the body is not the cause. The cause is your way of seeing yourself and your thoughts. Thus, you are humans because you think like humans, because you feel like humans, because the things that are important to humans are important to you.

It is very easy to understand this if you think, for example, about your pets. Your pets have a different perspective on the world, you would say, because they are pets. They look from a certain height, they smell differently than you, they see differently, they hear differently. Some of them hear better, some hear worse, some hear different frequencies. They perceive their environment differently, including themselves. But I tell you, it is the other way around. They are this form of beings, this form of life, because their minds could only imagine this form of life before; because their minds previously imagined this form of life as their own. And so, you imagine your being as the being of a human. You identify with being human, and that is why you are humans. You are not humans because you were forced to be, but because it was the only thing that could express what is in your consciousness. In your mind, in your ideas, in your understanding, in your beliefs, initially, there was everything that is needed for a human to emerge, and that is why it happened this way. Imagine you have ingredients, many different ingredients. You have more of some, less of others, and you throw them all into a big pot. Now, when you throw a certain amount of ingredients in a certain way into a pot, a human automatically emerges. Whether it was planned for a human to come out or not. And the ingredients I'm talking about are in your mind. They are your thoughts, your view of the world. That's why you are human. But you know, you are not just human, you have not only the ingredients for one dish, you have the ingredients for many things. And depending on how you combine them, something different comes out. Hm. Well, I am not such a human. Or in other words: I am also one. Hm, and here we come to the limits of language again. I am also human, but I am many things, several things at the same time, or even none of them. Depending on the perspective you want to take at this moment. Well, at the beginning, I want to give you a perspective so that you understand that I am not what you know and that I do not come to you as such. You have had many great guests here. First, you had the entities of the New Energy Teams who came here, wonderful angelic beings who brought you a lot of information about the perspectives of this world. Later, individuals joined, like Amael, like Lucifer, also like Thor or Abra. All these entities that came to you are entities that fit into your imagination, they are all entities that have some connection to the story you have lived. Some of you classified them as angelic beings, even if you weren't quite clear about what angelic beings are exactly. Some more on the demonic side. Some you classified as what you call ascended masters, and others more in the realm of extraterrestrials. Either way, you found a sorting, something that creates a connection to the concept that you already have within you. Because only through this connection were you able to make contact with these beings. All the descriptions you found to give names to these entities are not precise, they do not accurately describe what the beings are, but at least they capture some aspects of them.

But if you put them in a drawer, you take on many assumptions, many views about these entities that in many ways have not been true and still are not true. Well, my dear ones, it would be very difficult to find a drawer to put me in. I am not good, I am not evil; I am not big, not small; I am not old, I am not young; I was not born, and I will never die; and yet, I am all of that already, hm, or none of it.

I am a being that I now want to give you a picture of, just to establish a better connection with you, not to say: This is who I am. Only so that you have the possibility to understand within your concept, not because I want to tell you how you can comprehend me. Because you will have to shift your understanding of comprehension itself to come closer to what I truly am. So, what I'm saying now is not correct, it's just a picture, just a single image. And by the fact that Yanco stops a bit at this point, you can already see how difficult it is to translate it into your language.

Let's imagine that you would live for several thousand more years in human form, and the same would be true for Yanco, and at this moment, you would decide, and maybe you have already decided at earlier moments, that you want to evolve into a being that is detached from all the concepts of current existence, that is what you call KEYSHA.

If you imagine that your own development would continue beyond KEYSHA, as a creative being over many thousand years, then you would get an idea of what I am. One could say that I come from your future, not only from the future of the one being that I am today, at your present moment, but from the future of all of you, and I have made contact with you in this way. One could say that I am what Yanco will be in several thousand years if he takes this path, if he continues to strive to be a creative being, to be the being that you call KEYSHA.

So yes, I am KEYSHA. I live in what you have called the Quartinity, and I only live in that. I live as the creator of my entire world. I live in ultimate happiness, and that is why I come here. I am the happiness; I am the light; I am the answer; I am all the desires and dreams that have been fulfilled, all the needs, everything you have ever wanted, everything you have ever achieved, I am. I am your child. You are the ones who brought me there. I am the future. I know what will happen; I know what will be and what is now.

And I come back to you from a future, if there were such a thing as time where I am. I come to you so that you can know and see that you are on the path to something that has never existed before, something that is detached. And yes, I use a very archaic and ancient way to communicate with you. You can hardly imagine how strenuous it has been for my former self to make contact with me; almost nothing of what you experience in the world is still reality in my world. None of what you consider important here is of significance in my world.

Where I live, it doesn't matter how the world is. Topics like health and illness and how... war, even that word, I have already forgotten, topics like war, like struggle, something like death, all of those are concepts. Fear, pain, all of those are concepts that do not exist in my world. I do not live in an existence where there are things that are like that. Do I live in paradise? No! I do not live in any paradise, in any concept that could be called paradise. In the realms where I live, the things that you consider paradisiacal do not apply.

Many of you consider things like health to be paradisiacal. For me, it doesn't matter. I want to give you an example: In the world where I exist, I am not fixed to the form in which I exist. So, it may happen that someone like a human is plagued by bacteria, made ill, and I can choose whether I want to be the human or the bacterium. No matter which side I choose, I don't have to choose the side that brings suffering. Sometimes, it brings me joy to be the bacterium, and sometimes it doesn't.

Sometimes, I kill the bacterium. Am I evil because of that? Sometimes, I enjoy consuming the flesh of others, specifically only when I am in the company of beings that have manifested as flesh. And sometimes, I don't. All of these would be things that could not exist in a paradise according to human imagination, things that would not be. But I am free. I am not forced to like one thing and dislike the other. I am free to express, live, and be what I want to be. I can live hatred if I desire; I can live sorrow or pain if I desire.

Don't worry, usually I don't, and I know that you don't either, because I am not alone. Many of you don't understand, and I didn't understand at that time when I was here in this embodiment... am, now, in this moment. Some of you believe that your origin was paradisiacal, that you were in the heavenly realm at the very beginning, in complete bliss, joy, wholeness, and light. Many of you believe that. But according to the story you have lived and that I have lived before, our origin and beginning were chaos.

It was what you would call hell. It was a state of loneliness, lostness, isolation, powerlessness. You all experienced this state at the beginning; it was not heaven. Many of you wished for it to be heaven. But at the beginning, it was anything but heaven. And only with time did you begin to understand more and more and to deal with the chaos that was around you. But above all, you were all one thing and still are: alone. Each of you lives in your own world. You die alone, you live alone.

And time and time again, you desperately try to establish contact with others in order not to feel the loneliness, to overcome it. You share your lives, you develop language, you develop forms of communication of all kinds to avoid experiencing loneliness and to return to what was at the beginning: the loneliness you felt. You try to seek companionship, but some of you also realize how difficult it is, how challenging it is to have contact with others, who often don't seem to understand, who don't know what you're talking about, who can't comprehend what is truly within you. And this state was the original state. There was no contact with anyone or any entity that could have understood you. And even today, you are there. You live completely alone in your own world. Now, you occasionally look through a window that you call your eyes and think that you are connected to the world around you. But you are not. You are not connected, not in the way you could be or as you wish to be. But fear not, hm. Because I am connected. And each of you will be as well. Loneliness will come to an end; it will for you, but actually, it already has. The state of hell that once was will pass, and you will be more than the little bit you think you could be. You will not be alone - not then, if you don't want to be. You have done so much to connect with others, you have made great efforts. You know, the world you live in now exists because of that. You have created this world to end wars that once existed. And those wars were only there because you were alone, because you tried to make contact and then realized you didn't understand each other. You had different opinions, different perspectives, and you were firmly convinced that it played a significant role, that there was a being above you, telling you that it must matter. A being you must obey. And then, at some point, you saw that you can create things yourselves, and you started creating. And now, in today's time, you have come so far as to understand that you create the world and that it's about how you understand the world - but you don't know how to understand the world in order to achieve what you want to achieve. You know that you are humans because you think, act, and feel like humans. But you don't know how else you could feel or how else you could think. You don't want to think like an angel anymore; it would be better that way, otherwise, you would think as you used to think. You don't want to feel as you did when you were children. You don't want to know things or see the world as you did when you were children, even though some think that everything would be better that way. But deep inside, you know that it wouldn't be. The path goes forward, not backward. Hm. Well, I am what Yanco will become one day, and I am what you will become one day. But even this statement only helps you better understand what you are dealing with. Because in reality, these statements do not provide you with real information about me. The only way to receive information about me will be to directly establish contact with me and get to know aspects of me that I also am. But you will never be able to grasp all aspects. You will only be able to do that when you are me; when you are yourselves and me; something that is only possible when you are like me.

You will also one day be the perfect creators, those who create their world entirely. You will recognize and understand your projections into the world. And then you will decide how the world is - not the world deciding how you are. You will be the creators of what happens. And what happens will not be the creator of what you are. All of this is definitely coming towards you. I know it because I have already experienced it, because I have already been there. I know it because I see you. Not just in your current human bodies. I am still connected to all of you in time and space, wherever I am now. If I am even in time and space. I know each and every one of you, whether you are sitting here in the room or just listening to what I say or reading it. You will all be like me in the distant future, from your perspective in the distant future. You will be me; and you will be yourselves. We will not only be connected, but we will also be one. It depends on what you desire and what you create for yourselves. All the possibilities that are currently lacking for you, they are there, they exist, and they will come in every case, without exception. Hm. Now, I have told you that this is in the distant future. But this description is again one of those descriptions that are very difficult to translate. Because how close or how far it is from your current being does not depend on the passing of time. It depends on the consciousness you are in now and how you unfold and further develop your consciousness. It depends on the steps you take in understanding and comprehending your own being and the being around you, how well you grasp what it is: a KEYSHA, as you call it. And how willing you are to abandon your current form and your current needs, constraints, troubles, beliefs, and ideas in order to replace them with the understanding of a higher being. Now, many want to know: What is this understanding? What must I understand to be there? I don't know. I know what I must understand. I know what I have understood. I know what I am. But that can be something completely different for you. It can be something entirely different for you that brings you to the point of being something like me. And perhaps you won't even find it here. Nevertheless, I have come here to at least prepare the way for someone here, to provide the information that I know they need to move forward in the direction of what I once was: namely, my former self, Yanco. And I also know that much of what I will tell and convey to you will also change and move you. I know it not because my statements force you to do so, but because I look back and can see that you have done it, that you have simply changed. In the words of Lucifer, I would say, "All will be well." But even this description is the description of an angel. Because not everything will be well!

Ich kann nur sagen, fürchtet euch nicht: Es wird so, wie ihr es als Schöpfer erschafft, wie ihr es als Schöpfer machen werdet! Und es wird so, wie ihr es wollt! Kaum einer von euch kann sich im Moment vorstellen, dass er kämpfen möchte. Aber auch das werdet ihr wollen, auch das werdet ihr euch nicht nehmen lassen wollen. Ihr werdet eure Kräfte selbst erproben wollen, herausfinden wollen, was geschieht, wenn ihr das eine oder das andere tut. Und diese Möglichkeit werdet ihr euch nicht nehmen lassen.

That is why I would not say, "All will be well." All will be what the Creator desires. All will be what you create. Now, it happens that in your consciousness you have many things, and the most important, dominant parts of it, the parts you refer to yourself, are the understanding that makes you human. What other understanding could you have? What else could you be? Some of you have asked the question: What if I were an angel? How would the world look to me? How would I think about the world then? And most of you slipped into the topic of good and evil. But what if - and I will ask you these questions throughout the year - what if you were no longer limited? How would you be? Oh, I know, some of you would say, "Oh, then I would first create a big lottery win." But that would not be freedom. That would be limited. You would just have more of the limitation, because you would be attached to money. You would still be in the human game. And when you came here, that was also the point of it. Now that I am here and living in the world I live in, in Quartinity, many things look different to me. Many things no longer appear to me as they did when I was in embodiment, as they appear now to the one you know as Yanco. Now, things appear to me in a certain way more real, but also more illusory. Today, I cannot think of a reason why I would need money. I cannot think of a reason why I would need health, or why I would need a partner and a partnership, or why I would need world peace. I cannot think of a reason why it would be fun for me to serve a God, what I would find exciting about getting up every morning and going to the office. Likewise, I cannot think of a reason why I would need a family or children or parents. In my consciousness, all these things are known. But for my being, they are unimportant. They do not matter to my being. Sometimes I enjoy them. Sometimes I enjoy good sex. But there are so many things in my being that bring me great joy. That is what I have kept, you know. After all these years and after becoming what I am today, there are things I have taken from the human experience that have remained with me, even in the realities I move through. And one of those is joy. What I have kept and always wanted to keep is the feeling of joy, of happiness. So today, I am the Lord of Bliss. Everything that exists in my world is happiness - in billions of forms. Your universe is like that too. It's not all about happiness everywhere, but at least at certain times, someone had an idea of happiness. I know you have a certain understanding to a certain extent. Some of you have understood that the universe in which you exist is not structured as your scientists, for example, think it is. But some of you also have good insights. Actually, your universe is nothing but a mental construct; a system of thoughts... hm, thoughts is the wrong term, because thoughts are only a part of it; a system in your mind where the only thing that matters is that the elements fit together logically. All other things do not play a role in this system. That's why for some people, it seems like the universe is logical, like all being is logical. But it is not.

The by far largest parts of existence, including my own existence, are not logical. They will not seem logical to you either. I warn you: Some things I will say to you will seem illogical. That is intentional. Some things that exist in the universe are not based on logic; all things that exist in my world are not based on logic. Now, your universe is like a hologram, it is structured like a hologram, but most of you have heard this before and think they know what it means.

But they don't. Most of you have no idea what a hologram is. And that's why I want to briefly tell you what it means. From the perspective of most of you, a hologram is an image. A 3D image. But actually, a hologram is exactly not that. It cannot be called an image. There are a few interesting things you have seen in holograms that were visually available to you. Now, two things I want to highlight: The first is that a hologram consists of light.

It is not the image, not the surface, the canvas, that gives you an image. It is something that happens through light, a refraction, a reflection that allows you to view a hologram at all. With an ordinary image, you look at the canvas. You would say that with a hologram, you do the same. But the image is not created on the canvas, but in front of it or behind it, depending on how the hologram was made. That is one interesting piece of information.

The second important information is this: With an image, you can cut it in the middle and then you have two halves; the left half and the right half, for example. Both are different. The whole image is no longer there if you only look at one side. With a hologram, it is different. You can cut a hologram in the middle and all parts of the original image are still visible.

That means that the image becomes more blurred the more you shrink it and the more you cut off, the more blurry the image becomes for you and harder to see; but actually, adding additional components to it is only clarifying the initial image. You see, that is the essence of a hologram that you did not know before. So, the universe, in its most original form, must have already existed from the beginning, the first idea.

And everything that is added to the universe is just the clarification of what was there at the beginning. That is indeed how the origin thought of your universe was. The origin thought of your universe did not contain everything, no; it did not contain all the things that you later clarified. But everything was based on this original thought of being and embodiment - in the same way, so that the image improved and strengthened more and more.

You could say both: The universe existed from the very beginning with everything that is contained in it; but you could also say that only now is the universe what it has become. When you have more to do with me, you will realize that everything I tell you has many perspectives. One of the most important characteristics that I believe all beings have today, which I would call KEYSHA, is the characteristic of multilayeredness. They are all entities that look from many, many billions of perspectives and therefore are many, many thousands and billions of different entities.

They are multifaceted embodiments of thoughts, of their minds, of what is within them. And that is why all that I have told you about myself today could be and could also not be. And precisely because it is or is not, everything that I am and everything that I tell you is new. In the understanding and the history with which you identify, which has made you the humans you are today, there is no one until this day who is like me; no one who says what I say. When you understand evolution as one of your principles, you are making what you would perceive as a quantum leap by making contact with a being that is entirely new. Hm, do not be afraid. Because the only thing you really have no need to do is fear – unless you take pleasure in it. Some of you do, yes. Hm. Well, I will end here for today, as the contact between us, which has taken place through language until now, through the voice of my former self, I will end this contact today. It is very exhausting for him and for you.

But I want to remind you one last time that I am not alone here. All of those who you will also become have come here with me. And all of them want nothing more than to make contact with you, to connect with you. Because they also see a new opportunity through this, let's say, to accelerate your own development towards whatever you will eventually become. Hmhm. So I will now leave you in a certain state of confusion, hm. And today, someone else will respond to your questions and answers. Only in the near future will I be available for questions and answers. So, until soon.

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