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  • ⛊ Channeled Entities: Abra
  • ⛉ Channeled | spoken by: Yanco [yanco]
  • ₳ Translated by: Yanco [yanco]
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Abra: I greet you all and wish you all an exceptionally wonderful day today. My name is Abra and we haven't seen each other on this channel for quite a while. But today I have the great honour to come back to you to teach you as I did some time ago. For the most significant personality and intelligence existing in this universe has given me the task of putting things together for you in a certain way that will make it possible for you to understand and be able to implement the fundamentals of this universe in a better way. In principle, it can be said quite clearly that you already know these basics in a certain way. But over the millennia and also over the changing ideas behind them, you have repeatedly screwed them up so badly, I would almost say, that actually a certain unrecognisability has been reached at this point. Because the things I want to talk to you about now are things that are quite simple in principle. But have been explained and passed on over and over again in such a way that it has been impossible for you to really make sense of them. Over the millennia many wise people have filled books and whole works, whole volumes, whole libraries with things that are based on conjecture and complete nonsense. All this information has been nothing but distraction for you. Useless to ultimately create what you want to create. And it is in this context that I wish to speak to you about something that has been making the rounds in the minds of humanity in a way that has been so extremely, one might well say, harmful to many that I felt compelled to come here and at least make an attempt to set it right.

There is talk of the so-called Law of Attraction. Many of you have heard about it and many of you have been told over and over again that this Law of Attraction is a cosmic law that shows up in this world, that you can work with, that you can fulfil your desires with. Behind this are all kinds of concepts, most of which are quite confused. For example, statements like: Like attracts like. These are all statements that are basically complete nonsense and always have been. But in the desperation of many people to find a way to realise their desires and make their dreams come true, they have been inclined to believe all this nonsense. A great many of you have tried to do just that. Have tried to figure out how they can now use the Law of Attraction to make their wishes come true. Or let's say, to be able to get the universe to fulfil your desires for you. You have spent years doing this, only to find in the end that none of it has actually worked. You have gladly accepted all sorts of excuses for it and used them to convince yourselves that it was up to you. You were told over and over again that you just didn't believe enough. That you didn't do anything consistently enough. That you didn't control your thoughts enough. You were told that you had to visualise and that you had to feel it and that you had to go as far into it as if you were already there.... and so on and so forth. Now, I have looked at many of these concepts over the last few years and all of them are, hmm, incomplete at best, nonsensical in the middle and deliberate lies at worst. In fact, you have had exactly the experience that comes out of trying something that produces no effect whatsoever. A scientist would have cancelled these experiments that you have done with your mind as a failure and would have said, 'well, I don't need to try this any more, because I know by now through many, many experiments that I myself have done with my mind that it doesn't work'. But you have not received an answer as to how it works and whether there is any other possibility that works. That's why you stuck with this way of working and ended up believing what many people who consider themselves spiritual and esoterically gifted still do. Because they just don't have any better answers. Which, by the way, is a problem that arose from the earliest history. People mostly do things because they don't have answers. Stupid things. Things that are just nonsense. Things that lead to disastrous results. Often because they don't know any better. Because they don't know what to do instead. And that's why they also follow the strategies of their ancestors, which never really achieved meaningful results even with the ancestors themselves.

But let's get back to the actual topic. Does the law of attraction actually exist? Is it really something? In your minds I see more than clearly that you have no answer at all. You do not know whether to believe that there is a Law of Attraction or not. Of course you have often heard about it and you have often thought, 'yes, it could be'. But you have not really experienced it or even had the idea that it could work. And in fact it is the same if you compare it with gravity. Gravity is a law, or something, a force that actually exists in the universe. And you know why? Because all you have to do is take something in your hand and drop it. And you can see that there is an effect. That is why you know that there is gravity. Just like any scientist who gets certain ideas because he has had a certain experience in an experiment. He doesn't just come to the conclusion that all things happen just because he thought that. Such ideas spread churches. Science does it by saying, 'I have an experience and I am now trying to find out how that experience came about'. Churches say, 'I first believe that such a thing is. And then from that belief I try to bend the world to fit my belief'.

Now, the question is: which of these approaches do you think is more successful? In fact, all churches, all beliefs, and that goes for spirituality as well, all of these have the advantage, of course, that there are many things that you simply do not know. Therefore, there is always the theoretical possibility that certain things are true. But if after the hundredth and the thousandth time, after the tenth, twentieth and thirtieth year, you still don't see any results, then you could also come to the conclusion that something is wrong with this belief. Let me tell you first of all: the Law of Attraction has nothing to do with faith. Nothing at all. And unfortunately, in some ways, this ecclesiastical idea or the idea that you have to have a certain perspective on it has seeped deeper and deeper into your mind. Eventually even into so-called sciences. For example, psychology. In psychology there are very many things that are nothing more than simply the belief that things work that way. Never before has anyone actually been able to prove that. And there is a great, great deal of trial and error done on the minds and mental health of the patients who turn up there. You can certainly hear that I am not overly enthusiastic about such psychological concepts. I don't mean to say that everything in psychology is nonsense or wrong, or that it can't help to heal. But there are, unfortunately, a lot of belief structures, ideas and patterns in science now that have nothing to do with science at all and are really nothing more than an attempt to bring something into the world just because you claim it. That is one of the characteristics of what has been attempted through the narratives, through the fairy tale that has been put into the world, that there is this law of attraction in this way.

Now pay close attention to what I say. For I am not saying that there is no such thing as the law of attraction. There is a law of attraction. In fact, there is. There is. And this law is very effective. It plays a big role. The joke, which is very often hidden from you, is that gravity, for example, is part of this law. Gravity is attraction. And therefore gravity is a part of the law of attraction. Magnetism is attraction or is a part of attraction. And therefore, of course, there is a law of attraction. The actual law of attraction is simply the realisation of what attraction is and what it leads to. Or what leads to attraction in itself. But in the underlying law of attraction and repulsion we still have the other part included. That is the part that repels. You all know that everybody, every magnet attracts and repels. It cannot do only one of these things. And when you speak of a law of attraction, you are always speaking of a law of repulsion. The counterpart to gravitation, namely centrifugal force, this counterpart also exists and you cannot simply leave that out. And the counterpart to magnetism, namely electricity, are such tremendous fundamental forces, such tremendous cosmic forces that you cannot deny, that you can clearly say that of course there is a law of attraction. Yes, there is. But this law of attraction does not work as you have been told. This law of attraction does not do what you have been told it does. Basically, it's like being told you can jump off a skyscraper and because you have the law of gravity under control with your mind, you won't hit the bottom. If you only believe it. Well, I don't want to encourage you to try that. You can imagine what happens. You can imagine what actually happens. What you have been told about the Law of Attraction has achieved exactly this result.

Very many people have, shall we say in a spiritual sense, jumped off the cliff. Thinking they were flying. But the truth is that they are not in control of these laws and have all hit the ground. Some so massively that they lost all their belongings in the process. That they lost everyone they loved in the process. Some even lost their lives. All because of misinformation. Because you were told nonsense. And because you hope. Because you have the hope that you can finally improve your lives and get a grip on them. Because none of you are really happy with your lives. None of you would have said, 'oh, I don't need this. Actually, I don't need the Law of Attraction. I don't care, I'm fine anyway'. No, you all saw in it a hope of being able to change something in your life so decisively that things would work out for once. That the problems would stop coming up all the time or that they could at least be solved a little bit. That is why you believed in the first place. You believed in all these things. You believed that the Law of Attraction would bring you an improvement in life that you could never achieve otherwise. Without that. That is why you are in spirituality in the first place, or so I say. You are always looking for an improvement, for the alleviation of the pain that life has given you. And that is why you look to spirituality, because you know you will not find answers in the material world. And I can tell you that you are right, at least to a certain extent. Even though you will never find a final solution in trinitarian spirituality, you will find relief in it. And this relief is what drives you there again and again. In quaternity, by the way, you will also find the solution. Not only the relief. But I am digressing. I would like to return to the law of attraction.

The law of attraction exists. There is not the slightest doubt about it. It exists in the spiritual realm, it exists in the emotional realm and it exists just as much in the material realm. In the form of the forces of nature, in the form of the laws of nature, which of course you deal with every day. To deny that this law exists is, of course, the greatest nonsense. But in order to be able to use this law sensibly, in order to achieve whatever you want, there is something that you must fundamentally grasp. And this comprehension has been systematically broken over and over again for thousands of years. There is someone who has put this understanding into short words in a brilliant way. This someone said the following about this law ofattraction: 'You don't get in life what you want, but what suits you'. Basically, this ingeniously puts together the whole law of attraction. Everything you need to know about the Law of Attraction and also how to use it, he has summed up there in this way. Why? Because that is what it is all about. In the universe it is indeed the case that what goes together always comes together. And these are not the same things. Sometimes those are the things that are quite different from the original. Very often in the universe, for example, you have a lock-and-key principle. Very many things work that way. They fit together in that way. And in such a case, of course, it would not be the case that things fit together that are the same. The opposite is the case. In the case of a magnet, it is also not the same poles that attract each other, but the different poles. You can take very many examples. The claims that you are told again and again in various books and various works that like and like attract is simply completely wrong. It is a total misinformation. Things attract that go together. And that means, for example, that the wind comes to the place where there is a gap for it. Because it fits there. So if you want to make sense of the law of attraction in any way, there is only one thing you have to do. Of course, 'only' is relative here. But, in truth, you only have to do one thing and that is: You must make yourself suitable for what you want. Because whenever you are suitable for what you want, it comes to you all by itself. It's like pulling the plug out of a bathtub that was, of course, completely filled with water before. The water automatically flows to where it drains. It is not that you have to make an effort. It is simply that you have created a gap for where the water automatically flows. That is the very function of the Law of Attraction. The law of attraction draws things towards you. And there is also a law of repulsion.

Yes, there is also the possibility of things repelling each other. Both can be used. You can repel something by making yourself inappropriate to it. In the social realm, for example, it can be simply by, for example, if you are constantly arguing with a person, you can simply make yourself inappropriate by simply not arguing any more. You could change so that you no longer argue. You could stop reacting. And you will find that in a very short time no more argument is possible. At that level you would have used the law of repulsion. You have made yourselves unsuitable for such situations. In the same way, you can make yourselves suitable for situations that you want.

For example, as this really beautiful story of your companion Helene was, you can make yourself suitable for such an event in which she can tell stories. You can make yourselves suitable by making yourselves available for it. That you have the stories. That you are ready to undertake something like this if the opportunity comes your way. Basically, all these actions are nothing more than you making yourself suitable for such a situation. And although the principle behind it is very simple, the challenge is always that you firstly know what you have to change about yourself and secondly that you are willing to change. Because first of all, most of the time you don't know what you have to change, how you can make yourself suitable for what you want. You often don't know and have no idea. People who have basically understood the principle have therefore tried to make you believe that you only have to imagine what it is like when you have already reached your goal. Or that you have to think like someone who has reached the goal. Or that you have to behave like that. All that is nonsense! It is perhaps an attempt to find out what you actually have to do to make yourself fit. In that sense, it can help you. But it is only a tiny step on the way. The real goal you need to achieve is to find out who you need to be in order for the Universe to give you what you want. You have to find out how you have to change to get what you don't have now. That is, you have the things you have now because you are suited to those things. And if you want something else, you have to change. In such a way that you are suitable for what you want. But what are you like? You often don't know what you have to be like to get what you want. And of course it makes sense that you imagine what you would be like. Of course it makes sense that you visualise or have a certain behaviour and so on. But you know what? It doesn't give you what you want. It's just finding out how you have to be to get it. That is to say, it is really only a matter of obtaining information, of finding out which way you have to go. And here there is a big problem! A really big problem. For you are what you are now for a reason. You made the decision to become what you are for a reason! Not because you are stupid. Or ignorant. Or because you were too weak. Or whatever. You have at some point, throughout your life, always made choices that have made you the person you are today. And because you are that person, the Universe gives you what suits you. If you want to be something else, and this is also important to understand, dear ones, if you want to be something else to get something else, you must have a good reason for that too. You must have a reason that is even better than the reason you had before. Because the change means that you have to spend energy.

Long ago I taught you about energy efficiency. Energy efficiency says that it is unwise to change unless the expected result is better than what you have had before. Why should you put up with work, whether it is mental or emotional or anything, if at the end of it you are exactly where you were at the beginning. It doesn't make any sense. And that's why you don't do it. Only when you can expect something that is better than that, and really much better than that, does the use of energy justify itself. And that means in concrete terms that the idea and the consideration of how you have to change only makes sense if you want something that you can expect to be better. For you will have to change. The Universe only ever gives you what suits you. Even if it seems quite exotic. That is indeed the law of attraction. You only ever get what suits you. Always. There is no exception. That's how the universe balances things out, so to speak. And in a way, of course, this is also a form of justice.

Now, the first stage to be able to use that is therefore to find out what you would have to be like. How you would have to be to get what you want. The second stage is to make the decision to make that change. And that's another place where things go downhill quickly. I see many of you digging into your childhood. If there are any problems, you look for your childhood, you look for your past and ask yourselves how these things came into you and got in. You are really good at it. In the meantime, you find the origins of all your problems in your childhood or somewhere else. Of course, psychology helps you enormously because it doesn't really do much else. But the point is this: That is only the first step. What is decisive is whether the information you receive in this way leads to a change in you. Whether you change because of this information. And most of the time that is not the case. Do you know why? Because you are not stupid. The reason why it never leads to a change is that the moment you have found out why you get angry easily, for example, or why you don't have much stamina, or why you have a phobia, when you have found that out, you have given yourself a reason why it should stay that way. Because you have explained to yourselves that it is logical. At that moment you realised, 'Oh, that's where it comes from. So it is right that it is there'. Well, the point is this: Because of that fact that you become aware of it, often you don't decide to change it. Most of the time you don't know where to change it. Sometimes you don't know how it would feel different. If you have been suffering from some form of depression for a very, very long time, it doesn't have to be clinical depression, it's enough if it's a feeling of hopelessness and you find out where it's coming from, you'll end up saying, 'oh, that's where it's coming from, yes, well, I understand now. Now I know that it is right, that it is there, because I understand it. As long as I didn't understand it, I could have said, okay, I don't know why that's there. That's total nonsense. Why am I stuck with it?' That's why the information doesn't help you. No matter where the things that are in your mind come from, no matter why you have these feelings, it's all completely irrelevant. It does not help you to change.

This is the next and crucial step that has to happen: You must decide to be different. To become different, to be different. And you need an idea of how different. Because you will not just go wildly in any direction. You will not be able to just walk away from what is. You can't. You cannot say, 'I am quick-tempered, I know that. And I don't know why I'm so angry all the time and I'm going to walk away from that'. No, you can't. Because you don't know where to go. Where do you want to go? If you find that your life has become lonely because you experience very little, because you spend perhaps most of your time at home, and if you even find the reasons for this, you will not simply go out on the street to change your loneliness. Why should you do that? You cannot just walk away from your loneliness. You would have to find something that would deliver you from your loneliness. You have to know where to go. Where should I go? Should I go to a pub and sit there alone and sip my beer? Or should I go to a restaurant and then sit there alone and eat my food?' Basically, it all boils down to you being lonely again. Just in a different place. That's why it's not enough to have the idea that 'I want to get out of my poverty'. Who cares? Of course, everybody wants to get out of poverty. But what do you have to do, who do you have to be to get out of this poverty? How can you be rich? Where do you have to go? These are the questions you have to ask yourselves and to which you have to find answers. Otherwise you will not be able to be what you need to be in order for the Universe to fulfil these desires. That means you have to be willing to change as well. There are people who say, 'that is the most difficult change to make. Changing yourself is the very hardest thing to do'. And that's bullshit too. Hmmm, I like that word. This word describes exactly what it is. However, if you add the adjective 'whipped'... - whipped bullshit is actually even better. But seriously, dear ones, what I'm saying is, it's not harder to change than it is to change. Because the truth is that every change in your existence and in your life has always come because you have changed. That is, there is no change other than the change of yourselves. Therefore, it is not that this change is particularly difficult. It is not. It is a change that may or may not be difficult. It depends very much on the question, so the question of whether it is difficult depends very much on the question of what attitude you have towards this change. If you think it is a difficult change or if you fear it, then it probably is. It may also be that you go through enormous changes that you notice at the end and then you say, 'ha, I didn't realise that was happening'. Some of you look in the mirror and think back a few years and say, 'I hardly recognise myself'. You have gone through so many changes in that time, physically of course, in your feelings, in your thoughts. And these have happened so automatically and so unproblematically that you have not even noticed that they have happened. The changes we are talking about are not difficult. They are not difficult by themselves. They are only difficult when you judge them as such. If you think that the change must be difficult by itself.

And one more important issue in this regard I would like to address. For there are many who tell you that because you do not know who you will be then in the future when you change, that you are afraid of the unknown. That is also whipped up. Maybe in this case it's horse manure. But in any case it is whipped. You are not afraid of the unknown. None of you are. Never have been. If anything, you are afraid of repeating things that were terrible in your past. So you are afraid of the known and not of the unknown. That means in concrete terms, which of course is always the question, 'am I doing anything painful with this now? Can I manage it at all? There are many concerns that exist. But at the end of the day, the crucial question is always, 'Am I able, am I willing to change so that I can get this, that I attract what I want in my life?' Basically, that is already the whole law of attraction. Now, of course, when you decide to make that change, you have to make it in the third step. Because you can decide a lot and say a lot, 'yes, I'll do it now'. If you don't do it, then nothing will come of it.

So ultimately it is about you changing. That is always the basis. And when you change to that, you match your desires and dreams, then your desires and dreams also come true. Now this is so, of course, in this sentence it says very simply. 'But actually, Abra, what about the moment someone who is over seventy years old wishes to be a thirteen-year-old ballerina again?' Will they then turn back into that thirteen-year-old girl?' The answer to that is: 'If the person manages to change like that, yes'. But the likelihood of her doing that is extremely low. Why? Because there have been billions of decisions that have made that person the person she is now at seventy. And she would have to revise very, very many decisions. So many that she might not even be able to keep track of them. And she would then have to change all those decisions. It's quite possible that this higher self, that which survives after you've gone from this planet, that that says, 'well, if that's the wish, it's much easier to fulfil that wish by just starting a new life. A completely new life. That would be much more energy efficient than going down this extremely circuitous route.' 'So, Abra, does that mean that some wishes just won't be granted?' The answer to that is yes. From the principle of attraction, it is possible that absolutely every wish will be granted to you. But you actually decide whether that happens. And you decide that by changing yourself accordingly or not. That is one of the most powerful creative possibilities that you are given in this world, in this universe. You are shape-shifters who have no shape of your own. And that means your shape, your being, what you are, decides tremendously what you get. That is why you always have to change yourself. Change yourself in order to get what you want. Or, of course, you don't have to change if you already have what you want. Basically, that's the whole secret of the Law of Attraction. And yes, you can visualise. You can believe. You can change your perspective. You can meditate. You can pray. You can talk to the universe. You can do all these things. They don't matter at all. The important thing is simply that you are suitable for what you are asking for and what you are longing for. That is all. That is the whole joke behind all these things. Everything else is techniques to help you become suitable. If they don't lead to you being fit, they don't help you. Hmm...

Now, of course, I very much hope that I have been able to bring you a little more clarity into the principles of creating in this world. The challenge in creating does not lie in the universe, but in yourself, in your own spirit. The boundaries of this creation are also not set by the universe, but by you. The big question in all of this is, what can you be at all? What can you change about yourself at all? Especially then, at the moment when you are actually quite satisfied with yourself, when you have the feeling that 'actually I am okay the way I am', you no longer have any real desire to change anything in yourself. And that leads to everything always staying the way it was. Therefore, when you have a wish and you put it out into the Universe and you say, 'Dear Universe, I would like this and this', the Universe responds with chaos. It makes sure that you are suddenly no longer satisfied with what you have and what you are. For it is only at the moment when you are no longer satisfied with what you are that you change. Only this change makes it possible to become suitable for what you want to have. In this way chaos is constantly coming into your world. Again and again. Your wishes and your desires bring chaos into your existence. And that makes sense. Because if there is no chaos in your world, you will never change. So it's not about evolution at all. It is not about you evolving into something and becoming a better version of yourself. It's simply that you have to change yourselves to get what you long for. That is the only way things work. That is the true law of attraction. And it is something that you experience every day. It is not something you have to believe in. It is not something that you have to surrender to, that you have to meditate on. It is your daily reality, science. And when you understand that, then you will stop trying to achieve anything in this outer world and it will be much more important for you to achieve something in your inner world. It is no longer a question of what you have here. Or what you can get. Or what is with others. It is only a question of who you can be yourself. That is why the question 'who do I want to be' is still relevant for you as the decisive creator question even after all these years. You don't need to believe that it will ever disappear. You will always have to ask yourselves that. Because that is crucial for everything that is in your life. And I believe, quite seriously, I cannot know like other intelligences in this universe, but I firmly believe that if you really understand this, implement it and you become what you say you would like to be, then you will also be Garmaran and happy in all times.

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